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Weekending: Friends, Family and Sunshine

It was a scorching hot weekend in Calgary. It really feels like summer has arrived! 

20160603_211748-animation.gif wp-1465191263813.jpgOn Friday my sister-in-law and her partner arrived. They’re doing a cross-Canada road trip, starting in Victoria and ending up in Montreal, so they took the opportunity to stop here for a couple of nights. Unfortunately Zevi was working so he wasn’t able to be here, but Benny and I were very happy to see them. After I visited with them for a few minutes and got them settled in, I headed over to Alanna’s house to have dinner with some friends. I’ve known one of these girls since I was born, and the rest I’ve been friends with for 13-plus years. Our friendship has changed over the years, which is only natural, but I love that we still keep in touch and hang out when we can! Another bonus of visiting Alanna is getting to hang out with her adorable puppy, Odin. He’s only ten weeks old, and so incredibly adorable! I can’t wait to watch him grow up. wp-1465191327822.jpg

wp-1465191069832.jpgwp-1465191626283.jpgwp-1465191327823.jpgwp-1465191626282.jpgSaturday was a beautifully sunny day, so my sister-in-law, her partner, and I went for a little stroll around Kensington. We started at the little farmers market in the neighbourhood, where there were lots of great samples and beautiful displays, as usual. From there we wandered over to the main shopping area in Kensington and looked around in a few stores. We came home for a little rest, and then Alanna and I headed out to the media launch of our friends Mike and David’s new business. They’re the ones that organize the games nights we’ve been going to regularly for the past few months, so it was fun to play some games and support their new venture. From there I went to a BBQ at some friends’ house where I got to meet my close friends’ baby for the first time. It was so lovely to finally get to see her, even though our visit was brief! My friends who were hosting also got a dog who I got to meet for the first time as well. I love seeing the babies, but the puppies are almost as exciting for me 

I woke up on Sunday to another gorgeous day. My guests got back on the road, and I hung around at home and did some planning for the week before it was time to go play soccer. It was a bit of a struggle, as we were playing on an artificial turf field in the scorching 28 degree heat, but the good news was that we won! I was pretty spent afterwards, and was on the verge of passing out in the grocery store, but an emergency Larabar saved the day . The rest of the evening was pretty low key as I had some delicious sushi for dinner and did some more prep for the week. 

The week is only beginning, but I’m already looking forward to next weekend when we’ll head to Banff for a concert featuring some of my favourite bands. It seems like summer weekends always bring something to look forward to!


    1. It was such an amazing weekend! Sounds like you had lots of fun. I’m with you, babies are great but I’m the one petting the animals while everyone else is fussing over the kids :p

      1. Haha same here. I feel like I shouldn’t admit this… but I just love dogs so much!

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