Monthly Mixtape

Monthly Mixtape: My Perfect Half Marathon Playlist

Welcome to another edition of Monthly Mixtape! This month I thought I’d share my perfect half marathon playlist. This is the latest of many that I’ve created over the years, but the format usually stays pretty much the same!

I made a brand new running playlist for my most recent half marathon, and it’s pretty killer, if I do say so myself . I tend to get bored of listening to the same playlist over and over again, so I like to switch things up, especially right before a race. When it comes to workout jams, the music is really important, but so are the lyrics – I really like songs that I know a lot of the words to so I can focus on those rather than how much I’m hurting .

When I’m planning out my playlist for a half marathon, I like to start out with fun peppy songs that will make me smile. At the beginning of the race I’m usually feeling pretty good, so I’m not relying on my music to give me a huge boost. As the playlist and the kilometres roll on, I make sure to start ramping up the intensity. The hardest part of a half marathon for me is usually around the 16-19km mark, so this is where I slot in my most motivating tracks. For me, that means songs that are loud and angry, have a great beat, or are favourites that I can sing along to in my head (or sometimes out loud when I think no one’s listening). These later tracks gave me the push I needed to get through some pretty torturous hills at the Rocky Mountain Soap Company half marathon!

I love checking out the tracks that other people put on their workout playlists, so hopefully you’ll find some inspiration from this set of songs. Tell me – what’s your are your favourite running tunes? I’m always looking for new ideas!

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    1. ooh, love “say my name” and “part of me” (though i feel like i’d start dancing instead of running if i heard “say my name”). i really like fall out boy, we the kings, or anything somewhat alternative and loud when i’m working out.

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