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Friendly Friends Drumheller Camping Weekend

Another Drumheller camping trip is in the books! This is the sixth year that we’ve gone out for the weekend with some of our best friends to camp on a little piece of land right on the river. It’s always a great time, and this year was no different!

Drumheller campsite Packing for camping always takes longer than I think it will, but luckily when we manage to get ourselves on the road the drive is barely over an hour. Once we get off the weird little century-old ferry and set up camp in the shadow of the beautiful hoodoos we can be as loud and rowdy as we want, as there are no neighbours around for miles. If there weren’t enough mosquitos to turn my body into one giant patchwork of itch (worst), it would be pretty much perfect!

Drumheller Zevi Harriet Drumheller Kyle Harriet Drumheller campingWe arrived on Friday night and got to spend some quality time with one of our favourite little humans. A couple of our best friends have an almost three month old baby, and she’s pretty darn adorable! More and more of our friends are having kids, and it’s pretty fun to interact with them and watch them grow up. 

Drumheller camping Drumheller camping Drumheller camping view Drumheller Kyle Kyle Laura Drumheller Grant KyleDrumheller cornholeWe spent most of the weekend doing our usual Drumheller camping activities – cornhole, hoodoo hiking, beergarita drinking, and trying to figure out the best way to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos. We got incredibly lucky with the weather, especially considering what a terribly rainy summer it’s been, and I spent a large part of the afternoon hanging out knee deep in the river and chatting with some friends. Since there’s minimal shade on the property, it’s pretty great to have the river to cool off in!

Whif's DrumhellerZevi and I ended the trip by going to a little hole in the wall spot in Drumheller for breakfast. They have a pretty great greasy-spoon style buffet that features perogies and latkes, so that was a major win in my books! It was an excellent way to cap off our weekend away and fuel us up for some serious Olympic spectating for the rest of the day .

Drumheller Hank Drumheller group shotI feel pretty lucky to have such a great crew of friends to do this trip with every year. Hopefully this tradition will continue for years to come! If you need me for the next couple of days, I’ll be over here trying my hardest not to scratch my 8000 mosquito bites 


    1. What a beautiful place to spend the weekend with friends at! Does someone (one of your friends) own this land? I haven’t actually been to Drumheller since I was a kid! We had planned to go this summer, but never made it.

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