My Favourite Moments of Summer 2016

So, hi. 

I already did one of those posts where I talked about not blogging, so let’s just skip all that and get right down to it, shall we? Warning, there’s a LONG post ahead!

wp-1474865257849.jpgNice summer days were hard to come by in Calgary this year, but there was still lots of fun to be had. Here’s a rundown of what I got up to over my favourite season before I forget it all!

Zevi and I started July with a weekend at the cabin. We celebrated Canada day there with our annual neighbors brunch, and enjoyed some quality family time. The weather wasn’t the best, but we did get some boat rides and a little bit of wakesurfing in. 

20160709_085140.jpgWe made it down to the Stampede one one of the very few days that it didn’t rain, and I ate all the food. That same weekend I also helped design a float as part of my work’s entry in to the Bowness Parade. Even though it basically rained nonstop throughout Stampede somehow I managed to stay dry at all of the events I went to. Lucky me!

20160716_091708.jpgThe following weekend I went to my very first out of town soccer tournament! Our team rented a huge house in Kimberly and had way too much fun. It ended up being more of a party weekend with a bit of soccer thrown in, but knowing the girls on my team that wasn’t much of a surprise . Hopefully we can do it again next year!

wp-1474865257638.jpg wp-1474865257716.jpg wp-1474865257681.jpgNo July is complete without a weekend spent on Prince’s Island at Calgary Folk Fest. It’s always one of my very favourite weekends of the year, and this year was no different! It doesn’t matter whether I know or love very many of the artists playing, the energy on the island is so amazing that it’s impossible to have a bad time. Zevi was around for the festival this year, and as always we met up with lots of friends and saw those folk fest buddies we only run in to once a year. The highlight this year was The Tallest Man On Earth who put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen at the festival, and possibly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, period. Spending four days lying in the grass listening to amazing music surrounded by hordes of happy people always leaves my heart so full. I know I’ll be going back for years to come!

Caleigh evan wedding Zevi KC Rio Caleigh evan weddingWe paused our folk festing to attend one of my good friend’s weddings. It was at a stunning group campsite in a field under the mountains. Their wedding was incredibly chill – a ceremony followed by lawn games, a food truck dinner, and a campfire – and being able to walk only a few steps to our tent at the end of the night was so nice. If you’re looking for a wedding venue where you can bring everything in yourself I can’t recommend this one enough!

wp-1474865257637.jpg wp-1474865257605.jpg wp-1474865257645.jpgJuly was a bit of a whirlwind, but August wasn’t quite so crazy. Zevi and I celebrated our nine year anniversary with a lovely meal at Suzette. Everything was great, but the beef tartare was especially incredible! We went on our annual Drumheller camping trip, which was worth the million and one mosquito bites, as per usual.

Naomi Harriet wp-1474865257604.jpg Shuswap mom garden Benny shuswap

Zevi and I managed to squeeze in one more trip out to the cabin at the end of August. Our six hour drive became nine hours because of a terrible car accident on the highway, but once we made it to the lake we had a great time! Four of our friends (plus one adorable baby) joined us for the first couple of days. There was a torrential downpour on our first full day there, but we still had fun playing games, cooking, and enjoying the hot tub. My parents arrived later in the weekend and the sun finally came out so we got some quality boat time in. This was the weekend where I finally got the hang of wake surfing after many years of being pretty mediocre, and it felt so good! As is usually the case, the nicest day was the one where we had to leave. Someone needs to invent a teleportation machine (or twin the entire Alberta – BC highway) so that I can spend every weekend out at the cabin next summer. 

We ended our summer with a pretty epic wedding in Kelowna, which I’ll recap in another post. I always feel like there’s way too much to do and far to little time to do it in over the summer, but looking back I did pack quite a bit in to those two-plus months! The inevitable fall slow down is nice in a way, but as always, I’m counting down the days until I can jump in the lake again.


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