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A Weekend in Banff

Zevi and I went on a mini getaway to Banff this weekend! The weather was a little iffy at times, but we had a great time nonetheless.

We made the short drive to Banff on Friday afternoon. It was raining when we arrived, but I’d been stalking the forecast for the last couple of weeks since we were mainly headed out there for Performance in the Park, an outdoor concert, so we were prepared to get a little wet. We picked up our tickets, checked in to our hotel, and then headed out to grab some pre-concert dinner. 

Based on some enthusiastic recommendations, we decided to check out Eddie Burger Bar, and we weren’t disappointed! It’s an adorable little spot, and we were lucky enough to get a table right away, probably because we arrived at the grandmotherly hour of 5:00 . Zevi went with the build-your-own-burger option that lets you choose from tons of different meat, buns, and toppings. I couldn’t resist trying out the Eddie Presley, which features a healthy smear of peanut butter and jam to go with a beef patty on a pretzel bun. Sounds weird, I know, but it was surprisingly delicious! The service was quick and friendly, too. I’ll definitely head back next time I’m in town!

Cascade Gardens Bahamas Performance in the Parkimg_20160610_234340.jpgOnce we’d finished dinner it was time to head to the concert. I initially lead us to the wrong spot (apparently my reading comprehension skills are lacking a little bit ) , but luckily we hadn’t missed much of Bahamas’ set. He and his band put on a great show as usual, and Stars followed up with an amazing set of high energy tunes and old favourites. I’ve seen them so many times, but they’re always so captivating that it never gets old. When the show was over we headed to Melissa’s for a couple of drinks ($3.75 PBR tallboys and free popcorn!), and then met up with a couple of Zevis coworkers for palomas and micheladas at Magpie and Stump before calling it a night.

20160611_113428.jpgOur Saturday morning got off to a pretty slow start. We finally got ourselves organized and out of the hotel around 11 and headed for brunch at the Fairmont Banff Springs. The buffet is pretty (read: very ) pricey, but it was probably the most amazing brunch spread I’ve ever seen. There was pretty much every single breakfast food you could think of, from waffles, to eggs benedicts, to sausages, to custom omelettes, to french toast. On top of that, there were about ten different amazing meats and various vegetable side dishes. Then there was fruit, a salad bar, seafood, risotto, and a ridiculous amount of dessert. It was one of those situations where I wished my stomach could hold more because everything was so amazing! 

img_20160611_131828.jpg Vermilion lakes Vermilion lakes1465757499987.jpg 1465757531361.jpgWe thought we’d go for a walk around the hotel grounds after brunch, but it had started to pour rain while we were eating. Instead, we explored inside the hotel for a little bit, and then went for a drive to Vermilion Lakes. By the time we got there the sun had come back out (the weather really couldn’t make up its mind all day), so we hung around by the water for a little while and took some pictures. We then headed back in to town and found an incredible patio at Banff Avenue Brewing. It’s on a long balcony right on the main street, so you can sip your beer and do some serious people watching. That’s just what we did until another rainstorm drove us inside. Our friends had shown up at this point, and we had a drink or two more with them while we waited out the downpour.

1465757723551.jpgThe sun came out just in time for us to head to the concert venue to see Shad! He has amazing energy, and it was a very memorable set. Hey Rosetta! closed off the weekend of concerts. It poured pretty hard at the beginning of their set and I was a little afraid I might get soaked to the bone, but about half way through the sun came out and dried us all off! Their original songs were amazing as usual, and they also played a couple of classic covers that were really fun to sing along to. All in all, Performance in the Park brought us four incredible concerts (we skipped Jenn Grant due to rain) in a beautiful venue. I’d definitely go back!

After the shows were over, we went on a search for dinner. Finding a table on a Saturday night in Banff proved harder than we thought! We ended up at the Elk and Oarsmen, which was nothing to write home about, but it was one of our only options if we didn’t want to wait an hour. Maybe the ten-plus bachelor/bachelorette parties that we saw out and about had something to do with that. We stayed for more drinks than we probably should have before calling it a night. 

wp-1465790836246.jpgHeather Zevi bikingOn Sunday morning we grabbed some food and coffee to go from Whitebark (delicious!) before hitting the road back to the city. We picked up our very tired puppy from the kennel, and hung around at home before heading out to enjoy the sun on a bike ride in the afternoon. 

The weekend was pretty packed, so I’m looking forward to a week where I don’t have too much going on. What did you get up to this weekend?


    1. I’ve never been to the Banff Springs, but I’m so excited to check out their brunch & the spa in a couple weeks. I keep hearing such good things about it. I love the patio at Banff Ave too. We’ve hit that a few times for apres ski.

      I so wish I could have made Performance in the Park! Such a sweet line-up & fun idea. Maybe next year.

      Banff does need to step up their food game a little bit though, in my opinion. Canmore is head & shoulders above them. I’m guessing they don’t really have to though because of how touristy it is. Darn! I will always be game for fondue there though, even though my clothes inevitably smell terrible afterwards. Arguably worth it.

    1. We ate at Eddie Burger on Saturday and it was so freaking good. They also do an amazing poutine, which you can get as a side! Solid job, Eddie burger.
      We must have lucked out and missed the rain as we didn’t get rained on at all during the few hours we were there.

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